We Make Crypto Trading Simple
We Make Crypto Trading Simple!
Start Trading Like The Top 1% Crypto Professional Traders
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Trusted by 2,630+ individuals
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Start Trading Like The Top 
1% Crypto Traders
Instantly receive access to:

OR $27.99 for 1 Month of Telegram Signals
VIP Telegram Channel
50+ Crypto Signal Sources
​Up to 15 Signals per day
​Easy-to-use Platform
Premium 24/7 Support
Crypto Telegram Signals

Trusted by 2,630+ individuals and entrepreneurs



How It Works

1. Deposit minimum 200USDT and get LifeTime Signals

Start receiving Daily Telegram VIP Signals after you deposit.

We provide signals with more than 80% accuracy.

2. Activate Telegram Crypto Signals

Upon successful deposit, you'll receive our welcome email with a confirmation. 

Message us via Telegram live chat to confirm your subscription, activate your Crypto Signals and start seeing them.

3. Trade and Profit 
Like a Pro

Follow our signals and trade. With our unbeatable accuracy, you will be able to trade like a pro.

Make consistently huge profit and highly impressive returns with low-risk investments.

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About Us

Trading can be very OVERWHELMING and confusing... 

At Cryptology we know that you simply want to become a successful and profitable Crypto trader, minimize losses, shorten your learning curve and achieve time and financial freedom. 

In order to do that, you need the skills and the secrets that professional top 1% of traders possess. The problem is there are a lot of "gurus" out there and it's extremely difficult to know who is real and who is fake, which makes you feel overwhelmed, confused and frustrated.

We believe everyone deserves to be successful. We understand your desire which is why our whole team of 20+ professional traders are here to guide you and do the hard work for you.

Here is how we do it: 

1. Our professional traders provide the signals from up to 30 signal sources, with more than 90% accuracy in our VIP Telegram channel.

2. Simply copy and paste our trade details into your trading platform. With our unbeatable accuracy, you will be able to trade like a pro.

3. Following our professional formula, you'll have a chance to make consistently huge profits and highly impressive returns with low-risk investments.

=> Click here now to unlock your VIP access to our private Telegram channel, so you can eliminate the overwhelm, confusion and guesswork. And instead, start trading like a professional top 1% crypto trader, with the worldwide recognized Cryptology Team.

Wall Street Experience

Wall Street Experience

Founded in 2020, Cryptology, we know it takes a lot of experience, mistakes, moderate knowledge in economics and hard work to be successful as a crypto trader

As a team of 20+ professional traders with Wall Street experience, our vision and mission is to simplify and shorten your learning curve and help you build the right foundation for success.

Daily Professional Crypto Signals

Daily Professional Crypto Signals

We offer daily professional Crypto Signals, trading algorithms and services via Telegram worldwide to all beginners and professional crypto traders and investors.

We do all the hard work for you and save you the effort. By carefully analysing the markets, and keeping a close eye on the world economy, we are able to craft the perfect signals for our clients. 

Regulated Crypto Brokers

Regulated Crypto Brokers

We share details of every trade we take including Entry Price, Stop Loss and Take Profit. 

You simply copy and paste the details into your trading platform from your phone and we make money together.

The Cryptology Group Team refers only Good Crypto brokers and we are committed to consider our traders’ interest first. 

Insider Market Knowledge

Insider Market Knowledge

As a team of analysts, traders, and risk managers, we have all learned from institutions who are able to single-drive the markets at times. 

Cryptology offers you 25 + Signal Sources as intermediaries for a very low price per month!

This is ultimately the reason why only 1% of retail traders are profitable.

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Trustpilot Reviews

Access 20+ Signal Sources at 60% OFF Now!

Real People. Real Results.

"They are by far the best signals providers"

"They are by far the best crypto signals provider. Highly accurate signals with a lot of pips accumulated each week, even though I'm only subscribed to the Free channel, they are still better.

I would recommend them to beginners in Crypto, professionals and people who want to grow their skill"

"Great Crypto Signals"

"Great Signals, Great Analysis, 75% of signals are winning. 

No one can get better. Don’t believe in 100% winning signals. 

These people are serious, follow their signals and be patient. 

Thanks Cryptology, made my account lookiing better"

"Cryptology signals are the best"

"I always thought this was not real and that maybe they were just posting results that were not accurate...
I tried with them and I was more than surprised.
For once I was able to make a huge profit.
All my friends will join them, Cryptology you are the best...it's still like a dream for me...
I can't wait to make more profits"

"Turned $500 into $5,500!"

"30% Monthly Return"

"$1000+ In A Week"

"Excellent service and results"

"I joined Cryptology along with 3 other signal services and kept to the signals for all 4 for a month. The results from Cryptology have been by far the most profitable. Although a month can only be seen as indicative, the signs are promising and the interactions that I've had with the team have been timely and excellent. So much so, I've signed up for the longest period available!"

"More than Magic...Its a Miracle!!!"

"I'm so Surprised with the amazing result I was able to achieve within 2 days of activating my VIP Crypto Signal Subscription. I started my account with an initial $730 and within 2days I already have $1544 in my balance...it's more than magic it's a Miracle. This review is my genuine experience I wasnt paid to do this."


"I viewed all the bad ratings and i can say one thing! With Cryptology Crypto first of all they 100% honest and real ! To proof that i was paying $50 monthly with one signal provider wen i find this company charging $27.99 month and they get there signals from lot’s of sources i believed it because i was receiving the same signals that my previous provider was posting, so think 🤔 about why you have to pay for every provider if Cryptology giving you all this signals for only one payment of $27.99 thank you  👍👍👍👍"

"Increased My Fund By 300%"

"Turned $1,000 into $2,500"

"Tripled My Trading Account!"

Access 50+ Signal Sources at 60% OFF Now!

Why Choose Cryptology Crypto Signals

Chart work and technical analysis provided directly to your phone every day.

Support from professional traders with wall street experience.

Done for your research on Crypto Signals too. Live 24/7.

Push notifications of profitable opportunities directly to your phone!

Leverage a trading research department that has algorithms software trackers running 24/7.

No need to spend time studying the charts, graphs, and patterns to identify an opportunity. We will do all that for you!

Exact or approximate entry, exit and stop loss figures for trades.

Supporting graphs and/or analysis for the signals provided.

Access 50+ Signal Sources at 60% OFF Now!

Access 50+ Signal Sources at 60% OFF Now!

Frequently Asked Questions


Simply fill in your info below now to unlock the VIP Crypto Telegram channel and start receiving up to 15 credible signals per day!

Access 50+ Crypto Signal Sources at 60% OFF Now!

Founded in 2020, at Cryptology, we put forth our combined experience, knowledge in economics and hard work to help you become successful as a crypto trader. 

Our Promise

Our Promise

As a team of 20+ professional traders with Wall Street experience, our vision and mission is to simplify and shorten your learning curve. 

We help you build the right foundation, so you can start trading like the top 1% professional traders.




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